Valid Email Collector

Valid Email Collector 1.01

Software to gather valid email addresses

The Valid Email Collector software program is designed to sort out emails and keep only the valid ones that it finds in the Internet. The program determines what email address is valid against those that are non-existent.

The Valid Email Collector does web search in various search engines by using a keyword. The program will automatically search for that keyword and find out if there are email addresses that can be utilized to contact them.

You can even pick out a website and the program will check on a valid email that the site has. The Valid Email Collector can perform the search in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, DMOZ and also in other search engines.

The program can search a total of 100 emails in just a few minutes of search. The Valid Email Collector has an easy to use interface that allows first time users of the application gather emails quickly and easy in order for you to make sure that all your marketing letters are sent properly.

Valid Email Collector


Valid Email Collector 1.01

User reviews about Valid Email Collector

  • minhajulshaoun

    by minhajulshaoun

    "good collector with email validation facility."

    Great. Thanks for the email verification facility. Continue updating it to add more engines!.   More.

  • yomin321

    by yomin321

    "Great email extractor with low cost out there"

    Hi, I like this email extractor because it is cheap and works fine for me. I hope this email extractor will work for...   More.

  • b4uty

    by b4uty

    "Good email collector with many functions"

    I like this email collector. Because of its many features. The only thing is, there is no new updates for this progra...   More.